Terms & Conditions

All guests using the services of The Real Los Angeles Tours agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. There are no refunds or exchanges within 48 hours of a tour's start time for that tour.

2. Tours are never canceled in advance due to the weather.

3. Guests are entirely responsible for ensuring that they arrive at the tour meeting point at the correct time.

4. Guests who fail to show up for their tour, for any reason, will not receive a refund.

5. The Real Los Angeles Tours has the right to refuse admission without explanation either before or during a tour.

6. Guests must comply with all instructions they are given by the guide during the tour, otherwise they can be asked to leave the tour.

7. Tour routes and presentations cannot be altered by requesting the guide.

8. No liability is accepted by The Real Los Angeles Tours for any injury or inconvenience suffered by any guests using its services.

9. No liability is accepted by The Real Los Angeles Tours for any loss or damage to any property belonging to any guests using its services.

10. Guides can cancel or alter a tour at any time due to safety concerns.



As a company organizing tours and events in Los Angeles we have to ensure that those tours and events are both entertaining and safe. We’re mindful that our events and tours take place mostly in public spaces, where our guests will interact with members of the public and move around a busy city.

We also have to maintain a positive atmosphere for all of our guests, and in fact mediate between them. If we don’t, then there’s the possibility that one guest might spoil the tour or event for another guest.

For this reason, we’ve developed these three, easy to understand, rules that must be followed by everyone at our tours and events.

1. Guests must listen to the guide: if guests aren't listening to the guide then we can't provide the tour.

2. Guests must follow all directions given by the guide: the guide is the expert on providing this tour.

3. No personal questions: it's very important to create a safe space, by everybody maintaining appropriate behavior.

If guests do not follow these rules it can make the tour impossible to operate and therefore unsafe. In these situations guests can be asked to leave the tour, or the tour can be ended.

The guide’s decision is final.