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  • Did a full day walking tour of LA. Our tour guide Damien was very knowledgeable and passionate about giving us all information in a clear and concise way. The tour was very well planned and organised and was not tiring.

    Hp108 Trip Advisor
  • We did the Hollywood tour and loved it! The tour was at a great pace and the guide (Vicky) was very knowledgeable and made the tour fun. Thank you

    Lisa Montesanti Google
  • Booked the Wild Wild West To Now tour, our guide Terry was great! (He) was very knowledgeable and the tour brought us to some really cool DTLA areas we've never been to which was so much fun! Definitely worth the reasonable price. THANK YOU TERRY!

    Irene O. Yelp
  • We had an Amazing Murder, Mystery & Ghost tour with Damien and Dante... thank you very much from Italian Girls... very interesting and funny… absolutely recommended!

    Lucrezia Scamarcio Facebook
  • My boyfriend and I took the Heart of Hollywood Tour and had a wonderful experience with Stuart. Really helpful for personal questions, funny, full of knowledge and a passion for Hollywood. Can't recommend this enough!

    E D Trip Advisor
  • Angela took us inside some beautiful Broadway theaters, told us about LA history and was very enthusiastic about her city. The great thing was that she actually took us inside the buildings. Plus after the tour we went for the 35cent cocktails! Great tour and great guide!

    Helena Cardoso Google
  • I did the Historic Core Tour!!! It was an awesome walking tour and very informative even for this Angeleno!! I am downtown daily and drive past this area and never knew the history of various locations of the city!! This provides that!! 

    David Cook L. Yelp
  • My son and I booked and completely enjoyed a private tour. We had a wonderful evening! Damien took us on a fun, informative tour. My son loves photography, and Damien did not disappoint, as he took over 300 photos!

    Laurie Thompson Facebook

Information on Los Angeles

LA info

What is LA Info? It’s information for visitors to Los Angeles, California and the U.S. We created this section of our website to tell you the kinds of things that you’re going to need to know to make the most of your vacation here. From advice on how to get around Los Angeles using public transport, to things to do in Hollywood and L.A., to lists of movies that were filmed in places that we go to on our tours, to suggestions on bars and restaurants. Since we started offering tours in 2013 we’ve been asked thousands of questions by our guests and they’ve often said that they wished they’d been able to ask us some of those questions before coming – so with LA Info we’re giving you the answers in advance.

Wondering how you’re going to navigate Los Angeles and get from A to B? Considering renting a car? Then read our helpful guide on how to use public transport in LA, it could also help you decide on where to stay and what to do here. Here’s a hint – you don’t need a car.

LA info
LA info

You’re almost certainly going to check out Hollywood during your visit, but are you just going to wander around the area? Better read our guide on things to do in Hollywood and make the most of your trip, there’s a lot more to the neighborhood than the Walk of Fame.

What are you going to do in Los Angeles during your stay here? We give you some local advice. Our list of 15 Things to Do in LA will give you a rundown of the most popular attractions, but will also give you some suggestions that you almost certainly hadn’t considered.

LA info
LA Info

Visiting Los Angeles with the family? Wondering what to do (other than visit Disneyland)? We’ll give you some great ideas in our list of things to do in LA with kids. Trust us – it’s not a choice between adults and kids, there are tons of things you can enjoy together as a family.

L.A. is one of the most misunderstood cities in the world. Nearly everyone has a preconceived idea of it – and it’s usually wrong. What do we mean? Forget what you think you know and read Los Angeles Myths/Reality, it’ll certainly change some of your preconceptions.

Civic Center and Grand Avenue tour
Central Downtown LA tour

A very common question right after one of our tours is: “where’s a good place to eat near here?”. In Where to Eat in Los Angeles we’ve recommended a whole bunch of restaurants, cafe’s and markets that we know and like. Many of them are very affordable – and all are good!

You’re probably going to want to have an alcoholic drink during your trip. You could check out the hotel bar, or a tourist trap on the Walk of Fame, or you could read our guide on bars in Los Angeles and go to some really cool, interesting little spots that are off the beaten track.

LA info
LA info

L.A. is big and many of the attractions you’re going to visit are spread around the city, so where you’re going to stay is an important question to consider. In Where to Stay in Los Angeles we give you the rundown on different neighborhoods and suggest some places.

It won’t surprise you, but we mention a few movies on our downtown L.A. tours, usually because the movie has a connection to the tour. So for fun we put together a list of 10 movies that were shot in downtown. If you visit the area – and you like movies – check it out.

LA info
LA info

Obviously many movies have been made in Hollywood, but a smaller number are set here. You’re very likely to visit the area while you’re in L.A., so why not watch some movies that were filmed in Hollywood and show your friends how well you know the area?

Many visitors to L.A. also take trips around California, so in 12 Things to Do in California we suggest attractions throughout the state. We have some great cities here, but also amazing National Parks and beautiful scenery. Check our recommendations as you plan your trip.

LA info
LA info

One of the most confusing things when visiting the U.S. is the custom of tipping, it frustrates and terrifies tourists in equal measure. But where did this custom come from, why do Americans do it and, more importantly, how much do you tip? Read our guide on tipping to find out.

Not surprisingly we love guided walking tours and we do them whenever we go to a new city, so in Other Recommended Tours we recommend some of the tours that we know in the U.S. and around the world. Check it for suggestions that you can use on your travels.

LA info