Thanks for your interest in Free LA Tour! We really appreciate that you’ve come to our new business website to check us out.

We started Free LA Tour in 2013 and we’re very proud to have shown over 10,000 visitors and residents of Southern California the real Los Angeles, with all its incredible history, architecture and culture. It’s been an amazing journey, we had a lot of fun and we made a lot of friends.

However Free LA Tour is no longer operating – we’re now The Real Los Angeles Tours. We still offer fantastic tours of the city, like we always did, but we can be more innovative and create longer, more interesting and better experiences because we’re not limited to just having pay-what-you-want tours.

So please check out the tours that we now offer, we’d love to meet you and show you the real L.A. We guarantee that you’ll see a side of the city that you probably didn’t know existed and you’ll have fun doing it! And hey – we haven’t forgotten our roots; we have Pay What You Want Wednesday, every week, just for you.

The amazing journey continues…


The Real Los Angeles Tours team