Version 2

Hi friend,

Thanks for your interest in Free LA Tour! We launched in 2013, offering pay-what-you-want walking tours of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. Our objective was to offer the same kind of historical and cultural “free tours” that are available in Europe and elsewhere. We wanted to show visitors that L.A. is so much more than movie stars, beaches and Beverly Hills – that it’s a fantastic city, with lots of history and culture. Since then we’re very proud to have had many thousands of visitors and residents of Southern California join us for a tour. It was an amazing journey, we had a lot of fun and we made a lot of friends.

However as time passed we realised several things. Firstly, that because we were a pay-what-you-want tour company we were limited in the types of experiences that we could offer. Secondly, because of the unique nature of L.A., being very spread out, 20-30% of our guests weren’t showing for the tour they’d booked. And finally because L.A. is such an expensive place to operate, it seemed to us in many ways more honest to simply put a reasonable price on our tours, a price that corresponds to how much it costs us to offer them. Therefore in April 2017 Free LA Tour ceased and we launched our new company, The Real Los Angeles Tours.

So please take a look at the tours that we offer (they’re very affordable). We’ve taken what we learned from Free LA Tour and made our experiences much, much better! In addition to tours of Hollywood and downtown L.A. we now have an all day tour, a ghost tour, layover tours and a Santa Monica/Venice Bicycle Ride. If you want to get a true feel for the real Los Angeles you NEED to do a tour with us. And, in honor of the fact that we started life as a “free tour” company, at the end of every month we have Pay-What-You-Want-Wednesday, when we have pay-what-you-want tours of Hollywood and downtown. How cool is that?


The Real Los Angeles Tours team