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Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t receive the confirmation email after making a booking. What should I do?

Check your junk email folder. For some reason the confirmation email often ends up there. If you don’t see it in the junk folder email us and we’ll resend it.

Do you include Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills on any of your guided tours?

No, but we do have a free self-guided tour of the area which you’re welcome to use though!

Do you have a tour of the stars’ houses?

No. We never have and we never will. Nearly all the companies that offer a stars’ houses tour are giving completely wrong information to their guests. “Stars” live all over the Los Angeles area and a true stars’ houses tour would take all day, you’d be getting stuck in traffic and you wouldn’t see any of the houses anyway, because most of them are set behind enormous walls or hedges. Furthermore tours of that nature don’t tell you anything about Los Angeles or show you what an amazing city this actually is. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on one of these “tours”.

Do you do tours in any language other than English?

Unfortunately no, we only offer tours in English at this time. Keep an eye on our website though – in the future we hope to introduce tours in different languages.

Can I bring my children on the tour?

Absolutely, we love kids. Just remember, though, that we can’t change the content of any of our group tours to suit your children.

I’m an educator. Can I bring a group of school children on the tour?

We can accommodate High School children and we’re proud to have had many school groups on our tours. Please check our Private Tours page for more info.

If it’s raining/very hot do you still do the tour?

We never cancel a tour due to the weather. If it’s raining bring an umbrella. If it’s hot bring water and sun block. You’ve only got a few days to experience Los Angeles – you’re not going to let the weather stop you, are you?

Can you pick me up from my hotel/the airport/my Airbnb apartment etc?

Regrettably, no. That would mean we would have to charge more for our tours and we want to keep them as affordable as we can.

Where’s the best place to park for my tour?

For a city built around the personal motor vehicle there is, as you’d expect, a lot of parking. Prices vary, hour by hour, so we can’t tell you at any given point how much it would be at any particular parking lot. Check this website for up to date info, but remember to allow plenty of time to find parking AND to walk from your car to the tour meeting point.

There is another option though – take the Los Angeles Metro, it’s clean and reliable and all of our tours start and end near a Metro station or bus stop. Use this helpful trip planner.

Or you could use a ride sharing service (like Uber or Lyft) – it’s often cheaper than paying for parking anyway. If you don’t have roaming allowed with your cell phone provider you can always use the wifi service at the neighborhood Starbucks. If you don’t have the app consider downloading it. Uber and Lyft operate in many countries around the world and if you travel even a little you’ll find other opportunities to use their services.

What happens if I’m running late for my tour?

Guests should be at the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the start time. This means that you need to allow plenty of time to get there – including time for finding parking (if you’re driving), having your morning coffee etc. It’s unfair to keep the entire group waiting for your party.

However if you are running late call 213 316 8687 (DON’T text us – it’s an office phone), leaving a message with your name, the tour you’re booked on and the time you estimate that you’ll be getting to the meeting point. BE REALISTIC (allow time for parking etc). We’ll try to inform the guide, so they can look out for you.

Please bear in mind that if you’re late you may not be able to join the tour and that if you do miss it there are no refunds or exchanges.

Can I get the guide to change the tour content/itinerary to suit me and my interests?

Unfortunately, no. Our tours are designed by us to suit a wide range of people who are interested in history and culture and guides are extensively trained on them. It’s impossible, at short notice, to change a tour based on what any guest requests at that moment. Nevertheless all our guides are very knowledgable and passionate about Los Angeles, so you’re more than welcome to ask them all the questions you like, on any topic that interest you, during your tour. We love questions!

Should I tip my guide? How much should I tip my guide?

It’s customary in America to give a gratuity to the guide if you enjoyed the tour and you thought they did a good job (around 15-20% is standard), but it’s totally your choice. If you’re a little confused about why, when and how much to tip read our helpful guide to tipping in the U.S.

Have a question not answered in our FAQs?

Write to us using the email address at the bottom of every page and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with an answer.