How come you don’t offer any bus tours?

A bus tour is a contradiction in terms – in our view if you’re on a bus it’s not a tour. Being driven around doesn’t give you any opportunity to experience the city – which is what we’re all about.

Can I bring my children on the tour?

You are more than welcome to bring your children on any of our tours. Just remember we cannot change the content of any of our group tours to suit your children. Some children are into history, art and architecture, others aren’t. You’re the best (and in fact only) judge of that.

Can I bring a group of school children on the tour?

We can only accommodate children aged 15 and above for school tours. Please check our Private Tours page for more info.

Can you pick me up from my hotel/the airport/my Airbnb apartment etc?

Unfortunately we cannot pick guests up for our tours (that would mean we would have to charge more for our tours and we want to keep them as affordable as we can). All tours start only from the meeting points listed on our website.

Where can I park?

For a city built around the personal motor vehicle, as you’d expect, there is a lot of parking. Prices can vary, hour by hour, so we can’t tell you at any given point how much it would be at any particular parking lot. Check this website for up to date info.
But better still why not take the Los Angeles Metro (map)? It’s clean and reliable. Or use a ride sharing service (like Uber or Lyft) – they’re often cheaper than paying for parking anyway.

What happens if I’m running late for my tour?

First of all try very hard not to be late! Guests must be at the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the start time. This means that you need to allow plenty of time to get there – including allowing time for finding parking (if you’re driving), having your breakfast/morning coffee etc. It’s unfair to expect the guide to keep the whole group waiting (including the guests who were on time) for your party.
However if you are running late call 213 316 8687 (do not email us – we probably won’t see the email) and leave a message telling us the time that you will be getting to the meeting point (allowing for parking etc). BE REALISTIC. The office will try to let the guide know and get back to you to let you know where you can catch up with the tour. Our office is not manned 24/7 – SO WE CAN’T GUARANTEE that you’ll be able to catch up with your group.
Please bear in mind that if you miss the tour there are no refunds!

If it’s raining/very hot do you still do the tour?

We never cancel a tour due to inclement weather. If it’s raining bring an umbrella. If it’s hot bring water and sun block. You’ve only got a few days to experience Los Angeles – you’re not going to let the weather stop you, are you?

Do you do tours in any language other than English?

The only other language we offer tours in is Spanish. Email us and we’ll see if we can organise a tour for you. ALL tours in Spanish are private tours – we don’t get enough requests to offer a regular group tour with it.

Can you change the tour content/itinerary to suit me and my interests?

We can’t change the tour based on the interests of specific guests. Our tours are designed by us to suit a wide range of people who are interested in history and culture. Guides are extensively trained on the tours that we offer. It’s impossible, at short notice, to change a tour based on what any guest requests at that moment. Nevertheless all our guides are Angelenos, well informed and passionate about their city, so you’re more than welcome to ask them all the questions you like, on the topics that interest you, during your tour.

Should I tip my guide?

It’s entirely your choice whether or not to tip your guide. As you’re probably aware the U.S. has a strong tipping culture and guests normally tip 15-20%. If you feel your guide did a great job and you enjoyed your tour you’re welcome to give them a gratuity to show your appreciation. We leave it to you.