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Santa Monica

A Day In Santa Monica: LA’s Beach Resort

April 5, 2022

Santa Monica has long been considered the beach resort for Los Angeles. Now the city is practically part of LA, but until the 1950’s it was separated from its much larger neighbor by open farmland. Angelenos, and visitors, would come to Santa Monica to swim in the cool Pacific waters and frolic on the beach.…

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Charles Chaplin's Los Angeles

Charles Chaplin’s Los Angeles Today

January 1, 2022

In the end, everything is a gag. Charles Chaplin Charles Spencer Chaplin, or ‘Charlie’ for short, is one of the most influential figures from the early days of Hollywood and one of the entertainment industry’s first, and greatest, superstars. Not only do his pioneering silent films endure the test of time, with six of his…

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Los Angeles Layover

Los Angeles On A Layover

April 28, 2021

If you’re booking a flight and the chance presents itself to visit Los Angeles on a layover, or stopover, you probably aren’t going to refuse the opportunity, especially if you’ve never been here before. LA is a place that most people would like to visit, at least once, in their lives. And why not? Forgetting…

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Experience Hollywood

Close-Up On Hollywood & Dream Factory

March 3, 2021

So many visitors who come to Los Angeles – certainly the vast majority of first-time visitors – have a vision of Hollywood in their mind before they arrive. They may well have actually “seen” it in a video, news report, Television show or “Hollywood” movie (whatever that means). No matter what anyone else says, you…

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how to guarantee seeing a celebrity in LA

How To Guarantee Seeing A Celebrity In LA

February 20, 2021

Some people have become obsessed by “celebrities” and it can get very unhealthy. The news is full of stories of celebrities who’ve found themselves being stalked by overly-fanatical fans and I’m definitely not condoning that kind of behavior in How to Guarantee Seeing a Celebrity in LA! The first thing to know about famous people…

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