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Venice Los Angeles

Venice: LA’s Seaside Neighborhood

July 24, 2022

Since its founding 117 years ago this month Venice Los Angeles has always attracted visitors, both from the region and, later, world. Conceived as a Disneyland – before Disneyland existed or had even been conceived – it was a crucial developmental stage between the early amusement parks, like Coney Island, and the huge adventure parks…

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Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park

Griffith Park: LA’s Greatest Gift

April 26, 2022

Visitors to Los Angeles may not know Griffith Park by name (although many do), but you would struggle to find anyone in the world not familiar with its best-known landmark, the Hollywood Sign. Griffith Park’s 4,300-acres make it five times the size of Central Park in New York (it’s not a competition – but if…

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Santa Monica

Santa Monica: LA’s Beach Resort

April 5, 2022

Santa Monica is a city with Los Angeles County, but it’s long been considered the beach resort for Los Angeles. Now the city is very much part of LA’s Westside, but until the 1950’s it was separated from its much larger neighbor by open farmland. Angelenos, and visitors, would come to Santa Monica to swim…

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Charles Chaplin's Los Angeles

Charles Chaplin’s Los Angeles Today

January 1, 2022

In the end, everything is a gag. Charles Chaplin Charles Spencer Chaplin, or ‘Charlie’ for short, is one of the most influential figures from the early days of Hollywood and one of the entertainment industry’s first, and greatest, superstars. Not only do his pioneering silent films endure the test of time, with six of his…

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