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Who We Are & What We Do

The Real Los Angeles Tours is an independent, family run business. It was founded (as Free LA Tour) in 2013, inspired by the global trend towards walking tours. The mission of our company has always been to enable our guests to immerse themselves in the culture, history and beauty of L.A. The city has a huge amount of history, culture, beautiful architecture and art and it seemed to us that a lot of tourists leave here never having seen or experienced it, so we made it our mission to reveal that side of L.A. to them. That’s the L.A. that we Angelenos know and love. Stars’ Houses? They’re almost never architecturally or historically interesting and you’ve probably got some stars living in the city you’re from. It’s not something that’s unique to here. We’re very proud of the fact that we get a lot of Angelenos on our tours – you’ll never see them on a Stars’ Houses tour.

On our tours we walk the city and ride the Metro, to authentically experience L.A. We have tours of Hollywood and downtown L.A., all day tours (covering Hollywood, downtown and Santa Monica), Layover tours (for travelers stuck at Los Angeles International Airport for the day), Ghost tours and even self-guided tours. We’ll take you inside some of the most beautiful and important buildings here, like Union Station, the Bradbury and the Fine Arts Building. We’ll bring you to the best street food in southern California (such as at Grand Central Market) and reveal L.A.’s fascinating history, from when it was founded, as a tiny farming village on the edge of the Spanish Empire, to the world famous mega-city that it is now. So if you’re a curious person, who likes to get a true feel for the city that you’re visiting, come and join us – and let your L.A. adventure begin.

Meet our Guides

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Terry has been touring the US and the world for the last thirty years! He has visited every US state and over 20 countries. What do his trips have in common? He’s taken a tour in almost every place. He strongly feels that experiencing a city on a guided tour, with someone who has a love for it, is the best ways to connect with the heart of that place and its people.


Paige is a California native and is always craving new adventures. Growing up she sang all the time at the top of her voice, bothering her parents immensely, so at college she majored in musical theater! Since then she’s traveled extensively through Europe and North America. She loves history, organization, The Amazing Race, chocolate, hearing new music, meeting new people... the list is endless, but most of all she'd love to meet you on her tour.


Damien was born and raised in the UK, where he majored in History with Politics at Queen Mary College, University of London. He traveled the world, living in various countries, before moving to L.A. in 2008. As far as he’s concerned he’s living the dream and he’s a passionate advocate for the city of Angels. He continues to travel extensively, having visited over 50 countries (leaving just 146 to go!).  


Angela is a native Angeleno and worked for 35 years in education as a teacher and counselor. She’s travelled extensively to most of the continents of the world and loves meeting other travelers. She’s passionate about L.A. and as a member of several historical/preservation societies she continues to support their work to preserve the history of the city. Her new career in tourism is a labor of love for Angela.


Vicky is a transplant from the great state of Iowa. She got the travel bug at 19, while traveling to Italy with her best friend. Since that first excursion she has returned to Europe twice and backpacked around most of the continent, in addition to traveling extensively around the United States and Central America. Next up is Asia. Vicky enjoys sharing her passion for travel and her love for Los Angeles with all who come on the tour.


As a child of missionaries and, later, an "Army Brat," Sabrina grew up all over the US and the world and she continues to have that love of travel and adventure today. Moving here 15 years ago to pursue acting, she's found a passion for working in the travel industry over the past 8 years. She leads tours in L.A. and across the United States. Sabrina loves L.A. and enjoys showing it off to residents and visitors alike!


Stuart lives in the Historic Core of downtown Los Angeles and is passionate about uncovering its hidden treasures, especially when it comes to gangsters and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Two interests that have more in common than you may think! Originally from the UK (moving here in 2013), he is also a talented composer and publishes a monthly podcast called the Million Dollar Melody Hotel.

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