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We have Los Angeles tours for all budgets: free self guided tours, group tours from just $25 pp & private tours from just $150 per group.

Our expert guides create entertaining & engaging tours, which will transform your understanding & appreciation of L.A.

We get off the beaten track to reveal the hidden beauty of Los Angeles, making your visit a truly memorable & enjoyable experience.

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The inspiration for creating The Real Los Angeles Tours came when I was traveling around Europe in 2012 and stumbled (via an internet search) on a guided walking tour in Sofia. In the past I would wander around on my own, but I realized that a walking tour is a much better way get to know a city. I got a quick history lesson, saw most of the best sights and was able to ask all the important questions I had (like where’s the best place for lunch) from a local expert. It was the highlight of my trip  – so much so that I began doing walking tours in every new city I visited.

I looked for a tour of L.A. like that, but all I could find were bus tours of Beverly Hills mansions (most of which have never had a star living in them) and Rodeo Drive, which is just a tiny part of Los Angeles. So, as an Angeleno who loves to travel and loves L.A., I felt compelled to start a new company, offering visitors totally different tours, ones that would reveal a whole other, much more interesting, side of the city. I also wanted to create eco-friendly tours, that wouldn’t damage the environment.

We started in 2013 with one tour of downtown, the LA: Wild West to Now tour, and I was the only guide. Since then we’ve grown a lot – we now have eight tours, covering many different parts of Los Angeles, and five guides including myself. In all that time, though, one thing has never changed: our mission, which is to give our guests a genuine and entertaining experience of the real Los Angeles. Let us be the highlight of your trip.


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I was raised trilingual (English, Danish and German) in Denmark, leaving when I was just 19 years old, curious to discover the world and wanting to build multicultural bridges, and my first destination was Los Angeles. I spent five super fun years here, before leaving on more globetrotting adventures, living in Australia, Singapore and several European countries. But the lure of L.A. drew me back in 2011 and now I'm finally ready to hang up my boots. I'm always eager to share my passion for the secret spots of the city I love and call home.


I've done many things in my time, including being a stand-up comedian, a musician and a financial advisor, but one thing I've always loved to do in my time off is travel. I've visited every US state and over 25 countries. My last big trip was a month in New Zealand. What do my vacations have in common? Well, I've taken a tour in almost every place I've been. I strongly feel that experiencing a city on a guided walking tour, with someone who has a passion for it, is the best ways to connect with the heart of that place and its people.


I'm from the UK and I majored in History at the University of London. Travel has always been one of my biggest passions and I lived in Germany, Spain and Australia, before moving to L.A. in 2008. Since then I really feel like Los Angeles has become my home. I love its dynamism and multiculturalism, the many cultural offerings it has, the friendly nature of most people here and, of course, the weather. In many ways the reason for founding The Real Los Angeles Tours was to give visitors the chance to fall in love with L.A. like I did.  


Hi! Like many people you meet here I'm a transplant, moving to L.A. from the great state of Iowa in 2015. I got the travel bug when I was 19 years old, traveling to Italy with my best friend. Since that first excursion I've returned to Europe twice and backpacked around most of the continent, in addition to traveling extensively around the United States, Central and South America. Next on my list is Asia and Japan. I enjoy sharing my passion for travel and my love for Los Angeles with all who come on my tours.


One thing I really love about L.A. is the sheer variety of its various neighborhoods. I live in DTLA in an old hotel that's been converted into apartments, so I'm always reminded of the city's fascinating history. That's made me passionate about uncovering its hidden treasures; two areas of particular interest are gangsters and the Golden Age of Hollywood - which have more in common than you may think! I moved here from the UK, where I was a successful composer, in 2013, but my heart now belongs to the city of angels.

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